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ry'aimuun'do//:' The form that one takes, in the ultimate stage of life. When combined with the secondary word 'Excellente' results in the creation of an almighty/almost god like figure that in its daily ways avoids capsicum and bokchoy with all of their power. Broken down to its pure elements 'Raymundo' refers to Ray as a drop of golden sun, and mundo Latin for world. Meaning provider of light to earth.
Can be abbreviated to Rayo, Raym or Raydo. Each possessing different meanings.
Rayo: Referring to ones pest like nature.
Raym: An incredibly intelligent and streetsmart person who takes drugs on the occasional basis, at times for inner or personal developement.
Raydo: A crooked cop. In particular a police officer that rigs speed gun cameras for the fun of seeing grief stricken citizens.
All of which are variations of the original.
That guy sure is more Raymundo that anyone else i've ever seen.

Did you know that Iam Raymundo Excellente, you should probably bow down to me pretty soon.

No, quite frankly she is a rayo and should leave me the fuck alone.

That dude is a raym, good on him, but don't get anything else harder than mushies for him, ok?

Fucken raydo took a shot of my car the other day, so I drove past again the next day with the .45 an took a shot at him.
by Phillippe Vesanchez November 11, 2007

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