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Saira Viola is a writer , poet and social commentator who has pioneered a style of writing called sonicscatterscript where she uses lyrical beats, art, music and references to popular culture to describe characters and story lines. The social value of her work reflects the times we live in . She uses satire and comedy to highlight inequality and hypocrisy in society. Her USP is that she manages to describe it all in very short lyrical sentences .
"She was a Harvey Nicks Chick with a trust fund appetite and throw away morals" Oh that's Saira Viola speak for she was a rich bitch with no heart. Or "She was centre fold hot" Saira Viola talk for she was smoking. "He was Duke Ellington blue"
Saira Viola on someone who is sad . Or "With him big Phil from Notting Hill a pin up gangster with a mars bar weal scraping the left side of his face" Saira Viola describing a gangster. "Two wag slags in tow trussed up like poodles with bratz babe stares armed with Gucci handbags" Saira speak for two label loving chicks using their handbags as weapons .
by Philliph August 19, 2011
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