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Basic 90s 7 second download computer game that induces heart attacks thanks to the sudden appearance of always hungry bliks (Yeti)that pop up out of nowhere and interrupt your afternoon ski. The point is to beat the blik, (Yeti). Of course the damn things are impossible to out ski for more than 2 minutes.
Intense Gamer: Holy shit these muther fuckers are impossible to beat!

Random person: Whatcha playing? Looks incredibly old school.

Intense Gamer: Bitch please, this happens to be the classic game SkiFree.

*blik pulls a ninja and pops out of nowhere and eats skiing victim*

Random Person: HOLY SHIT!!! *drops dead on floor from surprise*

by Phillip Oliver Wholes January 28, 2009
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When someone is being a general all around dick. Basically, the point where that person needs a good strong pimp hand to the face.
Douche: Shut up girl, you got your nasty horse teeth from sucking my huge cock.

Girl: ... I just asked to borrow some paper.

Douche: Girl, you don't even got any ass for me to grab, getcho ass some steroids quick.

Girl: Why're you all in Super Dick Mode?

Douche: It's called being a man.
by Phillip Oliver Wholes January 28, 2009
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