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A band that people with little musical taste and smaller minds try to convince themselves is awful because they have no concept of what music could or should be. These simple minded fools should learn about music (chord structure, accidentals, time signatures, scales, etc.) and then they would understand Phish's brilliance. Too bad these morons waste their time listening to crappy metal bands that can only pound power chords with tons of distortion, beat the shit out of crash cymbals, and scream like they are on the receiving end of a colonoscopy, which they probably enjoy.
Phan1: Phish is probably the best band in the world. The musical composition of their works is incredibly complex and technically difficult. Their concerts are amazing and never the same, because they are proficient enough on their instruments to be able to improvise. Their songs are amazing and never the same, because they can remember more than four chords without having to get a tutor. But don't worry buddy, just because you can't understand the lyrics, it doesn't matter. When you get past fourth grade, I'm sure you'll start to understand what they mean.

Metal Man1: Hey man, there are lots of 26 year olds in fourth grade. You got any Marlboros?
by Phanatic September 13, 2005

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