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Someone who you can watch pee or poop, someone who laughs at your acne. Someone who will take a shower with you. People think you're lesbians. You can spend countless days with them without getting bored. You get mad at them but not more than 5 mins. You miss them more than anything. You get along with them better than anyone else. You don't want to hang out with anyone else. You love their family. You would die for them. You like the same music, and you can't wait to get your own car so you can turn up the music really loud and not give a shit who's listening. You laugh at ugly people on the internet. You laugh at pretty much anything. You agree on everything. You make up stupid shit and remember it and do it in random places. You don't care if you look stupid, AND I MEAN STUPID, like walking like a dinosaur in a hospital for example. Being with them is like you are complete. Being without them is like 3/4 of you isn't there. You can't get a new best friend after them. You would shave your head if the other had to get chemo. You don't have a life without them. THAT is a best friend.
me- you're my best friend pewp brain,

jess- i know it, let's go watch ghetto porn
by Pewpieeee March 12, 2010
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