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When a man has very feminine characteristics and tendencies, or when a woman has masculine attributes and isms.
'That ballet dancer man is so femsculine'

'The flower in Joe's hair is merely an expression of his femsculinity'

'She is so femsculine'
by Petworth July 28, 2008
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An implement to be used as a measuring device. Give a naked man a cricketbat to conseal his naked parts, and the height at which he holds the cricketbat will determine the size of the 'bat' that lies beneath.
i.e. If the bat is higher,there is less to conseal. If the bat is lower...well, lucky you.
'Billy holds his cricketbat awfully low, if you know what I mean...*raises eyebrows suggestively*'

'Aww man, I saw how high he was holding his cricketbat. I'm sorry, girl.'
by Petworth July 28, 2008
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