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A form of "music" which grew up in the black slave population in america as rythm and blues, going by this definition you would immediately think of artists such as ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong, however this is no longer the case, R'n'B has now been taken over by young rap artists who have adopted it as a trademark for their own music which nearly always dipicts women as sex objects, or is about the act of sex itself and is generally just any black music nowadays whether it has any rhythm and blues or not. Often listened to "wide-boys" and "chav's"
Usher - how is this guy blues, never a decent bassline, the rhythm is always the same, and he wears the biggest glasses ever. therefore not R'n'B

Nelly - Who gave this guy a recording contract, he did a good tune with justin timberlake, however the rest is nothing special nd definately not rhythm and blues
by Peter51 April 20, 2006
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