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Similar to a pearl necklace where a man comes on a womans neck but this time its down the side of her head. Thus giving the impression of iPod headphones.
"Thanks for the pearl necklace Dave"

"No, problem babe. You can have some iPod headphones if you are quick on the reload and I dont get the flop"
by Pete845 January 10, 2008
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Born to Tina Turner and Flava Flav, Larrissa Wolton is the highly-revered, no-nonsense, eye-patched Queen of the babeslices. Known for her jet blonde hair, wicked ways and a stare that would make Pierce Brosnan blush, she is a fucking terrifying individual. She maintains her strength by drinking a standard 50/50 mixture of unicorn tears and childrens blood. This, along with a strenuous regime of fighting and napping, keeps her in tip-top shape, just in case anyone says anything about her tits.

Knowing no bounds is her only boundary.
Builder: "Nice tits"

Larrissa Wolton (aka Blabe-splice): "I only know two things; taking names and kicking ass. And I forgot my pencil. Come at me bro."
by Pete845 October 13, 2011
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A fiery, brimstone-esque man whose passion for all things holy is frankly scary to witness. Believes (perfectly correctly) that he can command both human and beast with his hand. Wit that is sharper than a razor, teeth as numerous as hairs, and a beard that rivals any Indian woman, this man is not to be crossed. Be warned.
Surprise friend: Holy shit! Did you see that cactus shit milk?!

Phil Rusling: Course I did brah. I fucking made it do that.
by Pete845 October 12, 2011
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