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New Order is the best band from the 80s. They have many sweet albums that inclube Substance, Low Life, and Technique (my favorite). NO has way better music than the cRap we see nowadays on MTV. Heck MTV doesn't even play music videos b/c all the music today sucks? Or it just isn't as good as NO. Unfortunately, almost all of the population (USA) hasn't ever heard of New Order, but they have heard of 50 Cent. This makes me want to cry.
-Best songs include:
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith
Vanishing Point
Blue Monday
Perfect Kiss
Mr Disco
Sooner than you think
Round & Round
These are some of my favorites.
Person 1: Hey! Wanna go listen to some New Order?
Person 2: Nah, let's go listen to 50 Cent;
we hardcore gangstaz y0
Person 1: /Cries from sadness.
by Person 1_Detroit August 27, 2005

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