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The Rat Mouth is a mostly noctournal mammal who will mate with anything with a pulse. It's natural habitat encompasses all local watering holes and consumes copious amounts of alcohol. They are often forced to habitually migrate from one hole to another due to Alligator Mouth (see definition below), slander and libel (grafitti) to others and other henious acts. The Rat Mouth will puff up and instigate then call in reinforcements and cowardly call the law when they can no longer handle difficult prey. It will have the law on speed dial and inform the activities of it's former watering hole. Extreme caution should be used if you encounter a Rat Mouth. Do not befriend it, it is parasitic in nature and when all resources are exhausted it will turn on you with the above traits.
Watch out for her. She has a huge Rat Mouth and can not be trusted.
by People Watchers March 20, 2014

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1. When you drive a car or motor cycle without being:
A. licensed
B. Insured
C. Registered

Or being drunk,having drugs, guns, a prostitute or ugly woman/man in car.

2. Having sex with a woman/man who has bad hygene or has had a lot of sex partners.
1. Damn! Bryan got caught riding dirty by the popo after that huge kegger!

2. I was horny so just decided to ride dirty with Tony for a while.
by People Watchers March 21, 2014

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