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Foul smelling, odorous female genitalia. Putrid odor generally perceptible from a short 6 to 11 inch distance from the vagina in question. Extremely putrid, offensive to the senses when smelled on contact or in close proximity,malodorous. Noisome odor transferable on contact with anything,(IE) body parts including but not limited to fingers, clothing,female stimulation devices:dildos,vibrators, Ba Wa Balls etc.
(ex)Brian ended his relationship with Mildred because she had an unacceptably funky pussy

(ex)"Damn baby, please close your legs, that shit is humming! Sweetie, can't the Doctor give you something to freshen up your funky pussy? It's killing me and making my eyes water." said Brian.
by Pcisbs December 12, 2008

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