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Pet name for the Republican Leader in the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

"Miss" highlights the fact that McConnell is very widely rumored to be America's most prominent closeted homosexual.
Comment on Wonkette: "Mitch cries every time a good staffer pulls out."

Woman: Why are they saying that? What can it mean?
Man: I think it was a jibe at 'Miss McConnell'?
Woman: Why are you calling my dear leader in the Senate 'Miss'?
Man: Because he's a closeted homo.
Woman:Oh, really?
Man: Yup, just imagine what else 'Miss McConnell' is lying to you about.
by Paul Revere rides again July 14, 2011
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an American citizen who actively seeks to destroy the USA on basis of a number of false pretenses, all of which involve opposition to democratically elected officials and laws in the USA.

The term is especially pertinent in late 2013, when the most ignorant traitor trash are risking serious damage to America, just so they can stop President Obama's conservative healthcare law (first drafted by the right-wing Heritage Foundation).

Being traitor trash also means:
-having a serious small penis complex about having a black president with a Muslim name
-being exercised about Federal spending, even though more Federal spending would be good for 99.99% of traitor trash. More Federal spending might harm those with substantial cash dollar holdings, such as the Gulf Oil monarchies and the Chinese Communist Party, but traitor trash are ignorant crackers, so they blindly serve those masters.

"Traitor Trash" is a portmanteau of traitor and "white trash", noting that almost all Tea Party members are poorly educated "white trash" from isolated areas of the country, especially the Deep South.
Why are there Americans who are so afraid of democracy that they are trying to destroy their country?

Because they are traitor trash: they are congenitally opposed to having a functioning country with a black president. They would prefer to take the world down into the "white trash" shitter with them than admitting that a black man is more able they are.
by Paul Revere rides again October 14, 2013
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