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Universalistic Sun Worship is a religion, in which the followers adhere to the 6 principles of Universalistic Sun Worship.
1. The existence of god is impossible to prove (or disprove) and impossible for a human to comprehend its true form; therefore, we give thanks to things we can understand. We praise the Sun and the Earth for providing us with life and sustenance.
2. The Sun is the source of life on Earth. It provides humanity with food (through farms), shelter (through trees), warmth (through electromagnetic radiation) and it allowed star dust to combine and form the rock know as the Earth (through gravity). So we give thanks to the Sun, every day.
3. The Earth, being the second most important object for humanity's survival, so it must be protected and maintained for as long as humanity calls Earth home. We also give thanks to the Earth daily.
4. Humans and animals act based on their beliefs and instincts and since humans have no control over their beliefs or instincts, therefore Universalistic Sun Worshiper believes that all living creatures go to heaven (or some sort of afterlife), are reborn into a new life form, or just die and rot in the Earth. Since it is impossible to know which one is true, it is up to each individual follower to decide which one they believe is true.
5. The Great Hierarchy must be followed.
The Great Hierarchy is as follows: The Sun-The Biosphere-Humanity-Animal Life
The Great Hierarchy generally works as follows: if the Sun is threatened then all things below it must do what is in their power to protect it (although this highly unlikely as the sun is the more powerful then everything currently below it). Next would be the Biosphere. If it is threatened then the Humanity must do what is needed to protect it, even if that means the death of some, but never all, of Humanity. Finally, if humanity is threatened, including a single member, then any number of animals can be killed in order to save its life (although killing in excess should be avoided).
6. All religions are created equally and since any or all of them maybe the true religion of god (if there is a god), then no human can rightly say that a religion is bad or wrong. With the exception of religions that have the consequences of the destruction of the Biosphere, the Sun, or human lives.

Universalistic Sun Worship was founded by Paul Klavins and is subject to change.
Paul Klavins created an intresting religion known as Universalistic Sun Worship.
by Paul Klavins September 25, 2007
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