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Shaving, sh-a-v-in-g: means ssshhh, as in be quiet but more that one is ashamed and doesn't want anyone to find out, and/or they are afraid what others would do if they found out + a v, which means a "to to" (v is the 22nd letter of the alpahbet) or a homosexual + in, which means that they are "in" with the sodomites + g, which means perfect, g being the 7th letter of the alphbet, and the number seven meaning perfection (perfect, complete, satisfied). Obviously those who are using g here are trying to make an evil use of the letter. See "On the Derivation of Yogh and Ezh" at: www. evertype.com/standards/wy nnyogh/ezhyogh .html
There are some who think the way you shave indicates how you are "to to," or how they would like you to be "to to." For example, do you shave across, down, etc.
Man, that vinnie is shaving.
Ving is a shaving actor.
Vince is paying shaving dues, fool.
by Patrick Michael Griffin May 05, 2008
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