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defined as a smile where the corners of the perpetrator's mouth are raised similar to a smirk or that of one reminiscing pleasant taudry behaviours.
Contrary to widespread psycho-babble and paedo-sympathizers, all paedophiles are the evil excrement of society and should be eliminated promptly via castration.
Commonly seen in police 'mug' shots of male child-sex offenders, male school teachers, priests, truck-drivers, scout masters, summer camp staff, elite school prefects and similar such 'Charlie Chesters' (cockney slang for child molester).
If encountered, either run with all haste or attempt to remove said smile using precise applied force with blunt objects until wearer unconcious, or better deceased.
Hank Eisses (5 yrs for raping a 13-year-old boy), Victor Vazquez (both arseholes killed by a local hero), John Couey, accused of the assault and murder of Jessie Lunsford -- Onstott -- police say he killed Sarah Lundy, 13 years old.
Couey, Schwartzmiller, Avila, Duncan, Onstott, Richard Allen Davis. In case you don`t remember those names, what about these? Polly Klaas, Samantha Runyon, Jessie Lunsford, Shasta and Dylan Groene, Megan Kanka, Sarah Michelle (ph) Lundy, all dying at the hands of convicted child molesters and all wore a paedosmile
by Patrick Blurton September 24, 2006
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