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The process of reverse drowning. Commonly refered to as Un-Drown.
That monkey just drownn't after being rescued from the river.
by Patrick D. Purple June 29, 2020

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Spin the bottle (Also known as budget beyblades)

Spin the bottle is played by violently spinning two glass bottles at each other and whoever's breaks first is the loser.

Bonus points awarded if you get cut by the glass.

Incapacitation results in immediate loss.
Jack: Hey Steven want to play spin the bottle?
Steven: What no that's gay
Jack: What

Jack then smashes a bottle on stevens head and is proclaimed the winner.
by Patrick D. Purple October 21, 2020

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The lack of the happy chemical known as seratonin
David: Hey man are you okay?
Jimothy: Seratonin'nt
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by Patrick D. Purple March 09, 2021

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