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Beautiful city located in the Pacific Northwest.
Home to many amazing bands, people, venues, parks, stores, ect.

The most amazing people live here; they're crazy, they're accepting, they're weird, they're stoners, they're straightedge, they're preppy, they're scene, they're emo, they're musicians, they're Christians, they're Athesists, they're soulfull, they're assholes, they're artists, they've never touched a paint brush in their life, they're African, they're European, they're Asian, they're Pacific Islander, they're gay, they're straight, they're tansvesites, they're designers, they're photographers, they're lazy, they're coffee addicts, they're insomniacs, they sleep in until 5 PM, they're bitches, they're smart, they're stupid, they're great dancers, they have no rhythm, they're politicians, they're hippies, they're punks, they're hardcore, they're sweethearts, they're drunks, they're drug addicts, they're soccer mums, they're teachers, they're role models, heroes, they're inspiring, they're disgusting, they laugh like no other, they're partiers, they stay at home, they're old, they're young, they're dying, they're living, they're smokers, they're college kids, they're drop outs, they're drag queens, and they all fit together perfectly.

If you ever happen to visit this freakishly amazing city, be sure to visit Seattle Center, the Junction, El Corazon, Showbox, REI, Pike Place Market, Pacific Place, Chinatown, Capitol Hill, Alki Beach, Seattle Art Museum, and the Piers. Basically, go everywhere you can, you won't be dissapointed.
Look at that bird, she's got blue hair. So Seattle.
by Parker.:) May 26, 2007
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Punk is not about a certain hair colour, style, or music, although music does take a large part in most punks lives.
Punk is about liking what you like, being yourself, saying what you think and FUCK ALL THE REST.
You don't need a two foot high red mohawk to be a punk, although that is wicked cool.
You don't need sleeves, a backpiece, or any tattoos at all to be punk.
You don't need a Misfits, Casualties, Sex Pistols or any band like that jacket to be punk.
You don't need anything to be punk except for awareness, self respect, respect for others and an open mind.

I don't care if you wear drainpipes or not, you're a punk cos you're not some dumbass prat who's a fucking loser poser who needs to get his shit straight!
by Parker.:) May 28, 2007
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