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Papillon- (French for Black Butterfly) symbolizes freedom or a free man/woman. The Papillon represents breaking free from all societal mores and restrictions. There are no chains on the papillon, as they go where ever they want and do whatever they choose. A divorce or break up makes a person a papillon since one is no longer answerable to his/her former companion. Freeing oneself from a contract or debt makes a person a papillon because one is no longer bound to it. In Wang Jaier's (Jackson Wang's) "Papillon", he describes himself as a papillon who is on his own and having the freedom to chart his own destiny with or without suppport. In Denise Williams' song Black Butterfly, she tells describes the freedom the Black Butterfly feels as she spreads her wings and flies over bondage and/or oppression. The Papillon is the butterfly and symbol of universal freedom.
"He may be a nerd at the office, but he is a "Papillon" on the dance floor!"
by Papillon Noire August 26, 2018
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