3 definitions by Papa Chub

Chris Mother Fuckin' Taylor. Who just so happens to be the Head Daffodil Puncher In Charge.
Hey it's CMFT HDPIC.
by Papa Chub August 31, 2008
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Head daffodil puncher in charge. One who takes pride in being the best daffodil puncher around.
Person 1 Oh man, is that CMFT over there?

Person 2 Yeah, he is the HDPIC.

Person 1 I got to go meet him.
by Papa Chub August 31, 2008
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A male and/or female who has sand leaking from their vagina. Meaning one who is in a bad mood and tries to bring others down with them.
"Adam was playing beer pong until he turned into a Pecan Sandy."

"Someone get that pecan sandy a bucket to catch the sand leaking from his vagina."
by Papa Chub July 11, 2008
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