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A brass instrument with three valves and a conical bore. It plays in treble clef and has a range of roughly two and a half octaves, from F# below the staff to C above the staff. The trumpet is widely used in many musical scenarios, and is very prominent in wind ensembles, orchestras, jazz bands and brass ensembles.

Though the instrument generally has a range of two and a half octaves, many trumpet players extend their range "into the stratosphere", sometimes even above the High C.

The sound of the trumpet is noble and brilliant, and is capable of great power and energy, yet is also able to produce beautiful, sonorous melodies. The trumpet is prized for it's flexibility, dexterity, and power of sound.

There are several instruments that have developed from the trumpet, including the flugelhorn, cornet, and piccolo trumpet.

Some famous trumpet players include Adolph Herseth, Allen Vizzutti, Wynton Marsalis, Sergei Nakariakov, Maynard Ferguson, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Louis Armstrong.
"I love the trumpet solo from the Cavaliers' marching show!"

"My lips are killing me, I've been practicing my trumpet for an hour and a half."

"That band's trumpet section is phenominal!"
by PanzerMeyer23 August 31, 2007

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