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A sandwhich that has anything foodlike on it....You can put
spaghetti on a sangwhich and it would be alright....My sister and I make sangwhiches quite frequently and they are the best kind of sandwhich in the world....Someone should market the idea and sell it in stores and food places.
Paish: "Hey chels will you make me a sangwhich?"
Chels: "I can't friend we are all out of bread."
Paish: " Improvize on the whole bread thing."
by Paish November 17, 2006
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the place where batman keeps all his cool bat dervices like his batcar and bat ninja stars...(and his bat porno mags)
Batman having defeated catwoman went to his bat cave to read his bat porno mags.
by Paish November 09, 2005
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