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1. The place where the NFL's best receivers turn into kids from highschool gym class
2. The borough of New York City formerly known as Manhattan, as decreed by Mayor Bloomberg
1. Revis Island is home to many of NYC's most famous landmarks

2. 75% of the world is covered by water. The other 25% is covered by Darrelle Revis
by Paddy McShanty January 22, 2010
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One who is of gargantuan proportions, usually above eight feet tall, who is distant in every aspect of himself and the world as a whole, and thus stumbles about as if he has lost his wits because his of massive size and aloofness.
1. The Aloof Giant stumbled about like an Asian grizzly bear, surrounded by his posse of aloof mini-giants.

2. Amy, are you crazy? That's the Aloof Giant! He can topple over and crush you at any second!
by Paddy McShanty June 08, 2007
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An affluent guido who takes great pride in his appearance. Has fierce Italian pride, but still likes shopping at Hollister. Prominent in Staten Island's South Shore and New York suburbs.
Joe: Eeeyyy, me, Vinny and Vito are going tanning after school!
Tom: You're all such stupid Italian WASPs.
by Paddy McShanty November 27, 2007
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