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The act of creating a letter "o" in one hand while vigorously jerking it, in and out, to mimic the execution of a person yanking their penis while watching stashes of pornographic images. ie. during masturbation.

This motion could also be used to make fun of people who seem to fail at life constantly.
Person 1: *does an act of airjaculation*

Person 2: ...........Um, Why the hell did you do that?

Person 1: Because you're gay. *shakes head with disappointment*
by Paddy O' Al July 30, 2009
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The act of celebrities being recruited by the corporation, Walt Disney, in order to perform, represent and become a permanent mainstay under the Disney channel logo and brand. It includes having their minds controlled by Disney, having their videos shown to 14-year-old teeny-boppers, as well as declining to swear, write real music and become a proper human. The people enlisted should live the life of a Saint due to the contracts from the said corporation, or else suffer from girl fandom execution and being permabanned IRL. Look at Chris Brown.
The Jonas Brothers have been disneyfied, that's why they suck so much.
by Paddy O' Al August 15, 2009
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