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to be shown a video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" through a sly or not-so-sly link to a video on popular video sharing sites.
Haha! Great job disguising that rickroll!
by Packless May 12, 2007

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Someone who joins a chatroom and uses the same name or a name similar to someone who is already in the room participating in conversation.

Namesteals usually involve said person attempting to proclaim stupidity or homosexuality.
--Kos has joined the chat.


--guest###### has joined the chat.
--guest###### is now known as Kos

(Namesteal) Kos: I'm gay and proud so don't say a word.
(Real) Kos: Uhh... fuck off, namesteal.
by Packless May 28, 2007

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What having a lockwolf gives you. Generally considered good.

Note that it is not the same as your standard honor, it is a very specialized type.
Oohh! I have a lockwolf! I'm so honoured!
by Packless May 31, 2007

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