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a scene girl is generally between the ages of 14 and 19 years old. they hang out nearly exclusively with other scene kids, almost always at a random house, or at a show. a scene girl differs from an emo (whom she is often confused with) or emo girl, in a variety of ways.

a scene girl is more or less an emo girl, with a positive outlook on life. you can usually differenciate between the two by looking at their choice of color: scene girls (or kids) will have an abundance of multi-colored patterns and prints on their wardrobe, as well as wear different colors in their hair, all while still wearing a primarily black outfit. emo girls (or kids) generally dress in shades of black, and other dark colors.

the scene girl wears bright ribbons, bows, and hairclips. she takes an interest (that reflects in her wardrobe) on childlike things, such as, hello kitty, teenage mutant ninja turtles, my little pony, batman, spiderman, etc. she wears clothing with repititive patterns on them, also in bright colors. her clothes are very form-fitting.

scene girls nearly always have interesting and unique hair. often with bright/unnatural colors (pinks, blues, blondes), and short choppy styles. scene hair rarely lays flat, but is instead teased to its fullest capacity.

the scene girl uses myspace as her communication to friends, showcase for scene pictures, and gateway to scene music. most scene girls say that 'music is their life.' the scene girl is usually expected to have an interest in photography.

the scene girl often idolizes transvestite (or nearly there) scene men, such as jeffree star, and other "beautiful" scene men.

she listens to upbeat music, that can be described in so many words as glam pop punk.

scene girls (and kids in general) talk in a lingo that isn't nearly as difficult to understand as it is to tolerate. they often use suggestive/wildly inappropriate language as petnames, or just in casual conversation.

she has odd fascinations. examples: ninjas, pirates, polka dots, leopard print, dinosaurs, robots, etc.
a conversation between two scene girls
xRAWRiTSbeckyy: hey fag, how wuzz the show last niite??
DiNOatemyCUNT: itz okayy, sum cuntivore totali ript muh leathyr boots.
xRAWRiTSbeckyy: that slutfacee!
by PRETZZZ July 25, 2008

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1. a noun, being a person who does not believe in the affiliation or support of things in the mainstream. characteristics: going to see local musicians at venues, wearing clothing bought exclusively from thrift/bargain stores, trying to become as intellectual as possible. you'll find them: in libraries, at "shows," at flea markets. pseudo indies often wear/go to urban outfitters.

2. a noun, being something (such as a band or movie) that hasn't been signed to a major label/company. these generally have a certain style and often express much more emotion than art of the "mainstream." movies: will have very unique characters and the storylines will be in-depth and devlopmental to the characters. music: using a lot of emotion in the voice, without sounding whiny, and are more often described as "beautiful," also, aren't generally 'heavy' sounding, often with acoustic instuments and a variety of percussion.
1. some well known indie bands include: sonic youth, joy division, rilo kiley, etc.

2. examples of indie movies are: movies directed by wes anderson, movies that win sundance awards
by PRETZZZ July 25, 2008

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