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Eastchester is a Small town located in Westchester NY. The sound licks ass. Theirs never anything to do at all. Besides drive around in a car, getting harassed by cops at dunkin donuts, shop and stop, exxon, Lord and Taylors Etc. Everyone in Eastchester thinks they are cool. No one really has a life. And no one really leaves Eastchester. Everyone thinks they are black. And everyone in some way is Italian. The school sucks ass. The people are spoiled. They drive their mothers mercedes. They wear flaming clothes. Get a haircut like 5 times a week and shave their legs. Umm im bored. and im gonna go eat dinner. bye
EX. Boring ass town with posers who drive their parents expensive cars. Being spoiled thinking your black and being italian.
by POOPE June 07, 2005

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