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The most awesome word in existence.

Mistakenly used to describe a roundish purplish fruit but in actual fact is the pinnacle of all existence.

The concept of plum originated in the 1900s where Albert Einstein discovered that PLUM=MC2.
Albert was grossly misquoted on this groundbreaking discovery and hence the formula is incorrect in thousands of textbooks worldwide.

His most notable but secreted experiment was the “Plum” project involving three plums (the purple fruit variety), a centrifuge and infinite amounts of electrons.

The result was a massive time space continuum rip which caused entire village the aforementioned plums were occupying to be destroyed thus proving that plum is the meaning of life, or at least Einstein concluded, at lest 96% of the meaning.

In a modern day context “Plum” is used to express and emotion worthy of a time space continuum rip.

Laura: WOW! I can’t believe that the boys’ toilet was occupied and the girls’ toilet wasn’t. If I didn’t know any better I would say that’s a time space continuum rip.
Dannielle: That’s so plum weird!

Laura: If you strap a piece of toast butter side up to a cat, would the cat land on its feet or would the toast land butter side up?
Dannielle; I’m pretty sure it would just rotate in the air until the universe ended or create the biggest time space continuum rip ever.
Laura: We should go strap a piece of toast to a cat! It will be the plum best thing we could ever plum do in out lives!
Dannielle: OK!

by PG for plum great April 07, 2009

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