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Infamous Crips set in the Watts district of Los Angeles, California. They are distinctive for wearing purple as well as traditional Crip blue.

They have bad blood with the Bounty Hunter Bloods and the PJ Crips, after a truce started in '92 broke down in 2000. An unusual situation has developed where the Bounty Hunter Bloods and PJ Crips assist one another against the Grape Streets.
“That’s about the craziest shit I ever heard. The PJs and the Bounty Hunters teaming up against Grape Street. Crips and Bloods teaming up to go at Crips.” - Big Cat, Rollin' 60's Crips
by P-Loc August 20, 2006

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Latin American streetgang in California. Primarily Mexican, but not exlusively. The word 'Surenos' is Spanish for 'Southerners'. They are spread all over the state of California but concentrated particularly in Los Angeles. Their gang colour is blue, and they also use the number 13 to identify themselves. Members commonly have a three dots tattoo. They are bitter enemies with the Norenos, and also have clashes with Bloods and Crips.
Ey ese, don't fuck with him - he's in la eme holmes, los Surenos.
by P-Loc September 04, 2006

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