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First of all, don't get me wrong i support 100% for the protection and proper treatment of all animals on this earth. But Seriously...rights for animals? Animal Rights are a joke, simply because if we gave animals rights, they would inherent moral responsibilities along with it, since animals are not intelligent enough and/or don't have the cognitive ability to understand what moral responsibilites are. Also becuase moral responsibilities are a phenomena developed for humans by humans and will NEVER exisit or apply to any other species. In essence if animals were given rights "they would go to animal jail for shiting and fucking all over the shiting fucking place" (Pen & Teller) also for killing each other and other animals. Think about it, do you think humans REALLY really beilieve they should be compared and/or held equally or higher to a dog that likes to use its tongue as toilet paper?

Also one more thing, PETA and ALF state that medical research and experiment should be banned and dont apply for humans.

Here is my response: Humans have lungs and a heart, dogs have lungs and a heart. 80%-90% of all medical research and knowledge has been made possible BECAUSE OF ANIMAL TESTING, IT IS A NECCESARY EVIL.

by Ozzzz April 02, 2007
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