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Zombie Paper is simply the greatest invention ever. It is reminiscent of fly paper.... but for zombies. When laid out upon the floor, any zombie that steps in it will be stuck. Useful for zombie attacks.
Wow, that Zombie Paper sure did stop all those zombies in Threed!
by Overlord Hikash October 13, 2004

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Warren Moon was the star Quarterback for the Houston Oilers from 1984 to 1993. He is, without a doubt, the best Quarterback ever. Most people say Dan Marino... but only because they fail to add in Warren Moon's CFL day statistics to his total. If you do, you'll see that Moon is the superior quarterback.

Career Statistics:

Pass Attempts: 9205 (847 more than Marino)
Pass Completions: 5357 (390 more than Marino)
Pasing Yards: 70553 (9192 more than Marino)
Passing TD's: 435 (15 more than Marino)

Moon was just... better.
Warren Moon is better than Dan Marino. Deal with it.
by Overlord Hikash September 15, 2004

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