1 definition by Ottybear

Perfection. There is no other word to define Julissa. She is the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. With enchanting sparkling brown eyes, and a smile that warms and lights up the world, Julissa is deserved to be loved with all your heart, and strength. She is perfect from head to toe, beautiful in every way a girl like her should be. Gorgeous on the inside with all of her loving qualities, to beautiful on the outside with the radiant curves of her body. Julissa is the most caring girl in the world, she will never try to hurt you, instead she will always be by your side. She is a ride or die and loyal enough to last a lifetime. Julissa is a pure blessing. Amazing, smart, and stunning, she is the girl any guy wish they had. Beautiful without makeup and all her freckles, she is supposed to be valued, taken care of and loved for an eternity. Julissa the only perfect girl to ever exist, my beautiful girl.
Guy 1 - "hey do you used that girl?!
Guy 2 - "yeah her name is Julissa! I wish she was my girlfriend"
by Ottybear January 27, 2019