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1: Jessticles is the long version of the name Jess.
Hey, remember Jessticles? I miss her.
by Otto Rocket January 31, 2005
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A 'Greek Deprived Individual'. One that scorns greek life, but is jealous they're not apart of it. They often wear cargo shorts, flat billed hats, A&F, Aero, Hollister, and American Eagle. They usually live in dorms, and don't have cool parties or social events to attend on weekends or weekdays. However, some do have houses where they throw their own parties, but they're BYOB or pay $5 to get in. In addition they major in pointless shit like art, film, or philosophy.
"I wish I could go to that beach party. Too bad I'm a GDI."
by otto rocket June 15, 2012
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