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Greatest voice in Heavy Metal. He began his career singing for Samson under the name Bruce Bruce before joining up with Iron Maiden shortly after the departure of Paul Di'Anno. Began his career with a bang after recording the popular album "The Number of the Beast" which showcased his amazing vocal talents- especially in the song "Hallowed Be Thy Name."

Bruce departed from the band pending a solo career after the release of Fear of the Dark. His first album, Tatooed Millionare didn't recieve much acclaim, but when he partnered with Roy Z and made the album Balls to Picasso. Bruce's albums occasionally featured the guitarists of Maiden including Janick Gers and Adrian Smith. Among the most popular of his solo albums are Balls to Picasso, Accident of Birth, The Chemical Wedding(a pseudo-concept album using many of the works of William Blake, and the recent Tyranny of Souls.

In 2000 Bruce returned to Maiden and recorded Brave New World, and later Dance of Death. Bruce hosts a BBC radio show and flys Boeing charter jets for British Airways. He commonly sports the slogan "If it ain't a boeing, I ain't going!" and hosted a special for Discovery Channel UK.

In his off-time Bruce also wrote two books, The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace and The Missionary Position.
Bruce Dickinson is a god.
by Otm June 17, 2005

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New Wave of Randomness. Spurred by a wave of "Your Mom" jokes, cartoons such as Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and South Park, excellent comedians such as the great late Mitch Hedberg, and messed up movies like Napoleon Dynamite.
1. Your Mom Goes to College.
by Otm April 03, 2005

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1992 book by Bruce Dickinson.
Dude, The Missionary Position rules!
by Otm June 17, 2005

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