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A semi-famous gaming clan that has played multiple MMOs (such as UO and Darkfall Online). They are a bunch of power gamer scrubs who will power grind their characters to the max, dominate everyone else with said characters, then proceed to claim victory and quit the game before everyone else has a chance to catch up. They suck in FPS games in which character development is not a factor, and will continue to bare the biggest undeserved egos in the history of gaming clans. If you encounter a merc outside of an MMO, rest assured that you can, and you will, shit on him.
Osium from The Mercs is a scrubby douchebag, but when you challenge him to a fight he redirects you to his peons to fight for him. He does all the shit talking though.
by Osium Woof July 06, 2010
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