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1) Things relating to politics, the actions of a government.

2) Lies so passive that you don't notice anymore. Especially true with America.

3) Something hormone enraged teenagers think they are, usually after listening to bad anarcho music. "Political" teens believe that by moshing and writing aimlessly when they're high they can change things.

They are also known to follow "anarchy" very losely, believing that the way to fix the system is to throw bricks through windows and egg homes. They do not vote to change the system, because according to them the system is flawed.
1) The election is a political process.

2) George W. Bush was legitimately voted into office. *cough* Florida *cough*

3) An example of teens who think they're political are "The PoCLITicals". A band composed of girls, The PoCLITicals talk about feminism at the age of 15-16, Regime change and etc while getting high and exploiting themselves by having aimless sex everywhere they go. Most of them live in 800,000 dollar homes and complain about life. Really this is a typical case of spoiled ignorance.

"My used condom is more political then you"
by Orson Scott Card July 01, 2005

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