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A "Nammer" is used as a term for a person from Vietnam, all though Filipinos and some Chinese flock to join them.

The common nammer, has rich parents but they insist on ruining their own lives so they call themselves gangster. A nammer NEVER fights 1 on 1, usually play endless hours of video games, start shit when they get bored but never fight the person themselves, and tend to copy fashion from the "Euro Luds" and "Persians". Although the nammers tend to wear tighter,brighter, and gayer clothes than the other two races, they tend to get more respect due to their numbers, Even though nammers are still viewed as "Cowardly" or "pussy" as most people would call them.

Nammers, have flat faces, sunken eyes, skinny bodies, black hair (but it's usually dyed blond) and fake blue contacts, even nammer guys wear fake blue contacts.

according to the University Of Wisconsin, a study was held for a safe sex act in the U.S. And men all around the world were tested for their size so condoms can be shipped out to overpopulated countries. Surprisingly enough, the Indian and Vietnamese males both measured of sub 5'' (5 inches), they even had to make a smaller size for the Indian,Vietnamese and other smaller Asian countries.

The reason why other asians flock to join them is because asians have no identity
(Excluding Filipinos, which tend to have a positive face in the public, even people that are racist to asians will tend to exclude Filipinos as asian and consider them their own race due to their spanish blood, unlike other asians, Filipinos are respected for being Filipino, not because theres 20 of them in the same room.)

Asians tend to have no identity is because their background isn't dangerous, so they go great lengths to try to prove themselves, of course, only other asians or asian-washed girls will like them and dump them a week later, and a dumped nammer will pick a fight, and the cycle continues.
Nammer 1: ey muddar buggar u want bif?
nammer 932: ye mannnn u mess wit 1 viet u mess wit dem all man!

Nammers tend not to fight 1 on 1, and tend to bring 20 to a fight.
by Origin Of Races February 28, 2009
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Persian is a very contradictory race.

Persians are divided into 3 groups, Northern,Central and Southern.

Northern Persians cannot even be called true Persians and tend to be Armenian,Greek,french and roman(ancient Italian). Their characteristics include brown hair, brown/chestnut reddish eyes, brown hair, lightly tanned skins, tall, little to no fat at a young age and have straight hair when short, but curier when longer. the ones with medium/light brown hair cannot be called persians at all, if anything they are armenians.

Central Persians are a mix of northern and southern, they are a lighter version of southerns. And have black hair, and also tend to be shorter (around 5'2) but have darkish skin, a mix bewtween very dark and northern dark.

Southern Persians have jet black hair, very dark skin (almost Indian brown) are short, have little to no fat on them, and are what are considered "Pure Blooded Persians". Southern Persians have a hate for northerns, and vice versa, throughout history the town of "Tabriz" a christian town, was attacked by southern Persians, the northerns had a weapon called "Greek fire" which they used to burn out the southern's food supply and they retreated to the central, which the northerns retaliated and took during the revolution before the Iran/Iraq war. Which resulted in the mixing and the birth of "Central Persians"

Even though Iran is geographically split into east and west, ethnically it is split in north,central,south. And to this day Northern Persians dislike southern Persian, and southern Persians dislike norther Persians.
Northern and southern persians are very different.
by Origin Of Races February 28, 2009
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