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(Commonly called “The Orting”)

A sexual activity whereby a female penetrates a man with a strap-on from behind in an upright standing position while reaching her hands around his torso & seizing his penis in a vice-like grip. She then aggressively performs a motion similar to the Heimlich Maneuver until the man ejaculates.

The “Orting Heimlich” differs from ordinary standing rear-penetration by requiring the female penetrator to possess unusually strong & developed thigh & bicep muscles to perform the repeated lifting & strong squeezing motions required to bring the recipient to orgasm.

Because of the high risk of injury to the recipient, many women use the act as an early litmus test for prospective long-term male partners.

Named for it’s widespread popularity & believed origin in the city of Orting, WA, whose early industry included logging & coal mining. Women historically represented a larger percentage of the workforce in these industries locally than the national average, which may explain how they were physically capable of performing the maneuver.

While dildos made from standard toy material (silicone etc.) are most commonly used, it’s believed that early toys were made from polished Walnut & Sandalwood.

Despite being a popular activity (especially with the women of Orting), it is still largely considered taboo & is rarely spoken about openly, even in its originating city.
“Dude she gave me the Orting Heimlich Maneuver last night. I’m literally going to have to sleep on my side for a week”

“After a long day of cutting down trees & changing my own oil, I can’t wait to go home and give my boyfriend the Orting Heimlich.”

“If he can’t handle the Orting, he isn’t worth courting.”
by Orden_Isu February 14, 2022
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