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This is a movement started by the invisible children inc. and it's about this man Joseph kony who is a bad man and he runs an army called the L.R.A. And when he started to run out of soilders, he started abducting children from THIER homes when they are sleeping and he makes them kill other people and also he makes them kill their own parents. Then he uses the boys as soldiers and the girls as sex slaves or wives for their soilders. And this has been gong n for over 27 years and no one cared. So to make people care and spread the word buy a kony 2012 action kit or sponser for a few dollars a month and you'll get an action kit for free. Join the kony army of peace and help get rid of him so on YouTube videos say kony 2012 email famous people ( get address from website) and tell them to spread the word do ANYTHING you can go STOP his inhuman acts. And lastly this has to be done before dec.21 2012 and on apri 20th 2012 on Friday night a lot of people will go to sleep but millions will be up putting up posters of kony 2012, and those who went to sleep that night will wake up to see a million konys, so come join the tri peace army and STOP KONY.
by Onewhocaresaboutpeople March 09, 2012
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