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Something people from Stavanger, Norway say as a way of saying yes or confirming something. Some people also say it after someone says something funny or positive. When you say Yh you dont pronounce it at as «yeah» but as «iiiiiih» for english people.
Person 1: Hey man are we still going to beverly tonight?
Person 2: yh I’ll pick you up at 7
Person 1: yhhhhhh
by OnajZgodni April 21, 2020

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Also known as the Oil capital, Stavanger is located on the southwestern shore of Norway having a lot of sea and reminding American tourists of Dubrovnik when they come to bay from their huge cruise. Stavanger has rainy weather, but sometimed sees the sun too. A siddis is a person from Stavanger. Siddises go crazy when they see a little bit of sun and put on their shorts, t shirts, sunglasses and smear themselves up with 10 degree celsius sun protection.
Yo man what you wanna do today
Idk man all I know is we got plenty of options cause we live in Stavanger maen.
by OnajZgodni April 15, 2019

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