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1. A sexy, young, dark-hair/dark-eyed male with an irresistibly attractive face and a beautiful personality.
2. That one guy all girls want because he puts every other guy to shame.
3. Walking definition of the most perfect boyfriend in existence.
4. Always found paired with a Nisa.
5. Uses CHOP! and mindrapes like no other.
Guy 1: Ayo, you know if Luis is going to Ray's house later?
Guy 2: Yeah, he is, and he's taking Nisa.

Guy 1 runs up to Guy 2.
Guy 1: Hey man, I just got mindraped by Luis.
Guy 2: Aw, dude, I'm so sorry. He mindraped me too. Like, 4,893 times. Because he's the greatest.
by Oliver Alexander April 18, 2009
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