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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a video game series made by Rockstar. All the installations of the game involve the player controlling a random guy whose main objective is to get big in the gang/jet set society. The series is overall good, albeit extremely overrated and touted as the “Best Game Ever” without clear foundations. GTA is designed with commerce in mind, featuring violence, cursing, whores...

All those protesters who whine about the game promoting murder and polluting the minds of children don’t know a thing of what they say. Rockstar cannot be blamed for you being too lazy to move your ass and check what your kids are doing (read, morons: Mature. The Adults rating is unnecessary).
Guy: Watchoo doing?
Me: Imma playing Metal Gear Solid 2, mate.
Guy: What’s that? Dude, play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it’s the shit.
Me: It's okay, but it can't stick up to MGS.
Guy You suck. Them whores are so funny...
Me: ...
by Olioliolioo October 06, 2006

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