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Kaye is an incredibly smart and passionate young lady. She sets goals (that may be too high sometimes) and puts all her efforts and energy into fulfilling them. Her talents focus more on the academic and intellectuals and not so much on the home ec stuff, such as cooking. In fact, she is terrible at it! Her incredible fashion sense makes up for it though. Kaye has an easy to approach personality where she may seem quiet at first but is extremely outgoing and fun once you get to know her. Because of this, she can make friends anywhere easily. Although she may be quite indecisive a lot of the times but only because she tends to look at each option and outcome first. Kaye is clumsy when it comes to love and any person that pays her any attention will immediately catch her eye. However, if she comes to find THE ONE then all her thoughts are preoccupied with them. She becomes the most loyal and faithful partner any person could have. If you know a Kaye, cherish her and do not take her for granted. Kaye needs constant assurance that you love her and appreciate her. Show her and you definitely won't regret it!
Guy: Did you hear that only one person got a perfect score on the test?

Guy 2: Dude, it was totally Kaye!

Example 2:

Girl: Omg did you hear that Kaye broke up with another guy again?

Girl 2: There she goes again..
by Okurt ;)) September 17, 2018
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