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1. Classical music is a type of music that goes from the 1500s (Thomas Tallis) to the 1900s (John Rutter). It includes the Rennaisance Period, the Baroque Period, the Classical Period, the Romantic Period, and the Modern Period.
2. No one seems to understand the difference between the classical PERIOD and classical MUSIC! Music that includes an orchestra, a choral, solo instruments, or opera is CLASSICAL music, it's just no necessarily the classical PERIOD of music!
Don't listen to any of the fucked up definitions that state that the Classical Period is all classical music and that the Romantic Period is considered romantic music. It's all classical!
by Ohenry July 05, 2005

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1. "What Would Jesus Do?" It's a reminder for Christians because Jesus is supposed to be the perfect model for anyone. So before you do something, think "What Would Jesus Do?"
2. "What Would Japetto Do?" (Simpsons)
Homer Simpson shows the family his "WWJD" bracelet.
Lisa: That's right, dad. What would Jesus do?
Homer: Jesus? I thought it was Giapetto!
by Ohenry July 06, 2005

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(Simpsons) 1. The name Homer Simpson comes up for someone else with when he's in Moe's Tavern.
Moe: What's his name?
Homer: Joey Joe-Joe Junior...Shabadoo?"
Moe: That's the stupidest name I've ever heard!
(A man is sitting on the other side of the bar runs off crying after he hear Moe say that.)
by Ohenry July 06, 2005

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