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Presidential- German Nazi wanna be- buys trucks like friends usually seen in big white 4x4's. Short, med or tall. They put an air off(vibe) of better than thou... They prey on people with good hearts, in which they deem a weaker pathetic person. They will be known for interfering with every aspect of ur life when they target you. They will try to get u to drink then ask u to do an errand to have a police waiting on you. They will dominate your thinking, cash flow, they care about number one and they will use up up, then take claim for your hard work and somehow legally have their rears covered even though all formal write ups by their possys will contradict themselves. Sadly THEY never get consequences only those who really loved, devoted or honored them gets the cold road, ruined credit, and yes your character will be smeared ,edited and there's nothing to do, but re-locate, re-locate before they reel u in for more and more cash
Controlling mid-life men who still play game consoles
by Of_course_you_always_first December 27, 2016

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