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The most hyped-up overworked bubble-gum disco-pop 80's throwback in the history of mainstream music, if it wasn't already crap. The song sounds like it was dug up from a 1980's time capsule. Basically she gets a couple of stereotypical be-yourself shit for her lyrics, adds a gay-club Madonna San Francisco beat and hypes the fucking song over 9000x to try and distract from the fact that she spent five minutes working on this cheesy cheap-ass little song. All her 'little monsters' buy this noisy, terrible piece of crap because it supports the gay community, which dick is being forcibly sucked by Lady Gaga these days. She hypes this song so fucking much by calling it "amazing" and "beautiful" when really it's another monotone predictable electronic annoying repetitive rip-off buttfuck of the ears that she is so obsessed with advertising to this gullible fuckwipe generation.
An sample of the songs fucking overused cliche lyrics:

Whether life's disabilities

Left you outcast, bullied or teased

Rejoice and love yourself today

'Cause baby, you were Born This Way!
by Odelogum February 11, 2011

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