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As the other three pages of definitions have stated, quizilla, once a site for quizmaking like 'What fantasy creature do you most resemble' and 'what book should you read next' has become overrun with desperate, lonly fangirls/fanfictionsmost of which have been written in class time when they could be learning something useful.

But seriously guys, it is amazingly addictive and no matter what, you CAN NOT deny that you secretly love it.

There is alot of good writers out there, and from reading any hundred thousand of the good stories out there you tend to pick up::

1) Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
2) Writing skills (seriously)
3) Extra knowledge about anything from bands to your maths homework

Now go to quizilla, and entertain yourself with hours of mind-boggling fun (:

(And yes, my example is just picking fun)
Girl One: Lyke, ohmegawwwd. I read this amazing fanfiction one quizilla last night
Girl Two: Who was it about????
Girl One: I duno, but it was HOT. It was all like, sex, totally had me wet.
Girl Two: ONGZ!!!! totally send me the link!
by ONGZbelle February 09, 2008

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