2 definitions by ODiN-C

A chinese individual who thinks that he is a “ghetto” african american citizen also known as a “hood rat
by ODiN-C March 13, 2018
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An application constructed for both iOS and Android platforms which was made as a free talk and text app. It was slowly turned to an app where Black Panther enthusiasts (aka your basic Nigerian parents), and IT tech helpers (aka Indian and Pakistani people) can share poorly edited or stolen videos, foreign political memes, and religious story's and context.
Person 1: Hey Raj did you see that video I sent on Whatsapp of a donkey that got shoved into a U-Haul back in India.

Person 2: Yea, It was so funny I saved it to my phone and sent it to another 60 people XD.
by ODiN-C June 06, 2018
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