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To transcend the ridiculous, a cross between the words 'ridiculous' and 'donkey' To denote something that is so ridiculous it's on the level of a jackass or the asinine.

A phrase that was coined by OBT of Markham, ON, Canada

Those who claim to have coined the term "Ridonculous" are just that...Ridonculous; as I have been using the term since '86 (for definition of "Since '86" please see "Since '86")
by OBT August 31, 2007

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Not actually a word but a phrase meaning: To have taken place a really long time ago. The phrase was coined by Collin from Seneca College of Toronto, ON. Popularized by: OBT of Markham, ON
"I have been using the word 'ridonculous' since '86 (for definition see 'ridonculous')"

"I have been waiting here since'86"

by OBT August 31, 2007

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