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A fictional metal, most commonly made from cobalt, Chromium, Uranium, and Titanium. It is the play on words of replacing the T and I off of Titanium, and putting C and Y as the substitute. It's common acumens is the channel on YouTube who named himself after the fictional metal. It is super tough, and lightweight making this *fictional* metal great for defending against bullets.

(Note) this metal isn't real, don't try it, and subscribe to Cytanium for letting me define his name, and letting me talk to him.
LOL, you were soo Cytanium out there.
by OBDictionaries April 13, 2021
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A short slang name used to define someone's personality ,as it could mean being sporty, or hard working. This name has never been used accept, for a Channel nickname(Cytanium).

(Note) go and subscribe to Cytanium on YouTube, he helped me define these two words.)
Stop being such a Cyto man, its ok.
by OBDictionaries April 13, 2021
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A person named, Tyrun is a person who acts for himself, but also cares if needed or wanted. He tends to have simple hobbies, and work great but extremely slow sometimes. He is amditious but sometimes doesn't care enough. Overall he is a good person when on good days and will look out for you if your on his good side.

By OBDictionaries
Stop being a Tyrun and get some work done.
by OBDictionaries March 11, 2021
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