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A overly hyped mediocre country singer who only sings about teenage "love", whose career was drastically skyrocketed by sympathy due to an embarrassing drunken act preformed by famed rapper Kanye West.

It has been reported that she sued a small karrrokee bar in Texas because people were singing her song and she was not getting any royalties for it. Next time yo think she is this "sweet and innocent girl" think again.

Did anyone else noticed that she fakes her "OMG I cant believe I just won an award" expression? She knows she is like the top country singer right now(don't see why though). That act really needs to go and i hope evceryone can see her for the fake and petty person that she reall is.
Girl 1: Gawsh Taylor Swift needs some new material for her songs.
Girl 2: What do you expect she is a mediocre singer/songwriter.

Guy 1: That Taylor Swift's hot isn't she?
Guy 2: Nah not really. To me she looks like a chipmunk, beaver, deer, ferret looking thing.
Guy 1: Haha, to each his own bro.
by Nykkee February 08, 2010
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The act of becoming a broom to get out of a bad relationship.
Person 1: i'm not really a man, I'm a woman
Surprised spouse: You're a "wumun"?
Person 1: I'm not really a woman, I'm a horse
Surprised spouse: You're a horse?
Person 1: I'm not really a horse I'm a broom....
*Broom tips over*
Damn, that Broomitis is serious.
by Nykkee February 12, 2010
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